Hi girls! This blog is all about blazers. Here, you can get a few tips on how to combine a Dishee blazer with everything you can find in your closet. You will also learn how everything started, particularly the transition of blazers as from men’s to women’s fashion. Our collection focuses specifically on how you can combine the male and female shape.


History of Blazers

In the year 666, King Charles II of England started demanding men to wear waistcoats, trousers, and ties. This evolved into the modern suit for men in England. Then, at the beginning of the 19th century, European women began wearing tailored jackets with long skirts, called costumes. It latter became part of their daily wear. By 1905, costumes became women’s common suits and inspired the evolution of suits to how we know then today. Gender roles in fashion further blurred out in the 1870s because of the actress Sarah Bernhardt. She shocked Paris when she wore a custom-made trouser suit, which she called her "boy's clothes."

By the 20th century, unisex fashion—specifically oversized and waist less clothes— became more popular. This is because of WWI, which forced women to go out and work. The 20th century also saw the following evolution of blazers:

1914–Coco Chanel first designed a suit, which included a fur-trimmed jacket and a matching ankle-length skirt.

1930–Marlene Dietrich wore a tuxedo and a top hat and performed on stage in two of her films.

1940s–Mexican American women started donning zoot suits to present themselves as tough and rebellious and were given the name Pachucas.

1966– Yves Saint Laurent designed Le Smoking, a formal tuxedo for women.

1980s–The power suit became popular with corporate women. Its shoulder pads, decorative buttons, and bright colors made women look more powerful and authoritative.

As you can see, blazers started in men’s fashion. But later on, women made it their own and incorporated it into women’s fashion, which we can see until today.

Here you can get more ideas and options on how to create amazing day and night looks using the same blazers!

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