Get daring with shapes

January 18, 2023 2 min read

woman wearing blazer

A quick glance on our collection will tell you right away how we at D'ishee love the "boyfriend" line while retaining the feminine look at the same time.

Wide, boyfriend, sloppy but it fits.

Nowadays unisex is the perfect fashionable way, when every masculine suit can fit women, and same goes the other way around!

DARING to be, is the name of the game.

A woman doesn’t have to wear tight to feel sexy. There are plenty of ways to be super trendy and still choose the wide shapes, oversized, in many kind of styles.

The wide balloon pants, with a kicker of a large blazer, combined with a nice bra underneath- and you have the PERFECT suit!

Of course, besides the bra- a tank/ buttoned elegant/ simple t-shirt will work great, whatever feels comfortable for you.

Wide padded shoulders-style is another shape that you can easily recognize with us. This pattern flatters your posture, immediately turns the oversize into a feminine look with a lot of statement!

Remember ladies, for everything oversized, don’t hesitate. Wide shoulders, DARING is flattering! Wide with wide can look super chic!    


Must-Have Blazers

One of the most useful items in our closet. And if you don’t have one yet, you must get one for yourself!

On the recent years we can see a strong connection made between elegant and street style.

Look cool with boyfriend blazer matched with sweats suit, sneakers, or even high heels! 

There is no right or wrong anymore, anything can work with the right shape and blazer selection.

A blazer add balance to a street style look, or the blazer can also make it look more chic and light- its all up to the blazer pattern.

The best blazer in our closet is obviously the black wide one, the new boyfriend ;)

It will perfectly match almost any look- short dress, pants and t-shirt, skirt and top, cropped top with pants, etc.

Our 001 boyfriend blazer is a great example of a blazer that will fit so many looks- whatever you feel like when you get dressed will be upgraded by this blazer and complete the look.

If you have the courage to play a bit with colors Dishee created a super wide-shouldered blazer, large but fit shape with big pads that create a strong feminine style and elegant posture. We call it our fashionista blazer and it will definitely level up any simple look.

You can't skip our cropped blazer! This item is a must-have, even for those who don’t like to expose their belly!

It flatters the women body, emphasize the waist, it comes in a wide shape and longer sleeves than usual which makes it cooler and upgrading even the simplest look.

Tight shirt, big, cropped tops can work under the blazer, nothing under it, buttoned, it can be a show on its own ;)

Those are our 3 top blazer patterns that will definitely elevate your look and make it unique.

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