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January 13, 2021 2 min read

Hi girls! This blog is all about blazers. Here you get a few tips on how to combine a Dishee blazer with everything u can find in your closet.

See how everything started, the transmission from male blazer to a woman. Our collection especially it’s how we combine the male and female shape.


History of Blazers

Reference to be summarized. Particularly mention how it started from male to female fashion


666: The year King Charles II of England copied French king Louis XIV in demanding that men in court wear waistcoats, trousers, and ties. In England, this attire evolved into the modern suit for men.

The beginning of 19th: The century European women wore tailored jackets with long skirts, called costumes, for daily activities . Trendsetters adopted them for everyday wear, and by 1905, they were common suits for women and open the door for redesign the traditional suit and to the evolution of the suits we know today (in the 21th).

1870s: The decade actress Sarah Bernhardt scandalized Paris by wearing a custom-made trouser suit, which she called her "boy's clothes." Which  continued to blur fashion gender roles in that decade.

The 20th: Because world war I more women needed go out and work so to show the new status of women in society Unisex fashion has evolved, the over size and waist less looks.

1914: The year Coco Chanel designed her first suit—a fur-trimmed jacket with a matching ankle-length skirt.

1930: films (Morocco and Blonde Venus) in which Marlene Dietrich wore a tuxedo and top hat while performing on stage.

1940s: The decade pachucas, with the rise of feminism Mexican-American woman’s subculture began wearing zoot suits to project a tough, rebellious image. Pachucas were associated not only with male zoot-suited gangs but also with feminism because they rejected the idea that women could be just wives and mothers

1966: The year Yves Saint Laurent designed a woman's formal tuxedo that he named Le Smoking.  an updated version has been included in every new collection from the brand ever since.

1980s: The decade the power suit; complete with shoulder pads, decorative buttons, and bright, feminine colours was popular among business women. thanks to TV shows like Dynasty, soon the trend spread beyond the office,  with the power suits line.

Here you can get more ideas and more options on how to create an amazing look for evening and day, with the same blazers u can see in the video.

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